Frequently Asked..

What is seitan?
A high protein “wheat meat” made from wheat gluten. Low in fat and cholesterol.

What is rinotta?
A vegan cheese substitute spread made of tofu, cashews, garlic, herbs and spices.

Is the pesto vegan?
Yes, but it does contain nuts (cashews).

What are pepitas?
Toasted pumpkin seeds. They taste similar to sunflower seeds.

What is tempeh?
A chunky, tender soybean cake with a smoky flavor, a traditional Indonesian food.

When did Melt open?
Lisa Kagen opened Melt November 23, 2005.

Who provides your breads?
Our breads are provided by two local bakeries: Shadeau Breads and Sweet William’s Bakery.
All breads are now strictly vegan. We also now offer a gluten-free option upon request.

Where do the desserts come from?
Assorted desserts come from the Picnic and Pantry kitchen!

Can I modify the ingredients in my order?
Yes! Some substitutions will require an upcharge. Our wraps/melts can be made vegan. Just ask! Add chicken, turkey, tofu, or seitan to any salad or sandwich for $2.50 or roast beef  or tempeh for $2.75.

We will gladly cater your business meeting or event. See our catering menu here.

Large Carryout Orders
For carryout orders over 10 people, two hours notice is appreciated. If you have less time available, still feel free to ask! We will do our best to accommodate.

Payment Methods
We accept Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover.