Featured Summer Artist: Dylan R Tennison

Featured Summer Artist: Dylan R Tennison

Artist Statement, Summer 2014

I live and work in the wonderful neighborhood of Northside. I spend most of my days practicing the craft of art, farming, and carpentry. I do these things as a means of living but also as a practice of rooting myself, for the process can be and usually is extraordinarily therapeutic.

The pieces featured in this collection demonstrate an exploration of space, dimension, form, and color. Each piece brings light and perspective into how our reality is visually constructed, some logical some not. All share a common flat surface to tell its story. The pieces don’t depict anything per se, but the formal elements (the shades of color and light, and the systematically integrated layers of geometry) offers a window for one to see a variety of different visually constructed planes of reality.

The geometric­ patterned wood pieces are drawn and scratched strait onto the panels with a compass and strait edge to plot out the pattern. They are then hand carved, inked, and colored. The pieces made with paper, are collages made from my vast collection of different salvaged scrap pieces of paper. They are cut and torn then glued in layers (like painting with paper). These are then further translated with accenting line work and color.

Dylan pic

­Props to the Art Academy of Cincinnati (from which I earned a BFA in printmaking in 2012), and ALL the good people; for motivating me to be an artist among other things I enjoy.